Auto dealer marketing is a rapidly changing landscape.  Where once the bulk of transactions happened on a sales room floor, things have become increasingly digitized, as customers are able to inspect an entire brand’s inventory and have that item delivered to their door with the click of a mouse.  But what does that mean for automotive sales?  The internet must act as a way to bridge the gap between computer screen and show room floor.  Here are 9 ways we can do that.

Customer Is King

Yelp, and Google Reviews have changed the way we are introduced to companies.  Where once it was word of mouth, or an interesting storefront, most likely our first impression is shaped around an aggregate of customer reviews.  Furthermore, people are more inclined to leave a bad review than a good one, so this aggregate becomes shifted in a very negative direction.  Because of this, companies must be more diligent than ever in meeting and satisfying the needs of a customer buying a new car in a courteous and friendly manner. Read more!

Read The Room

Trends come and go depending on changes in the auto market, gas prices and even pop-culture.  As a company, it is your duty to keep up to date with these trends and changes.  For example, in times of high gas prices, V8 model trucks and SUVs are likely to dip in sales, where fuel efficient hatchbacks and hybrids will flourish.  Adjust your marketing accordingly.

Think, “Why Us,” In Dealer Marketing

Set yourself apart from your competitors.  Even if you are a dealership selling 90% of what the dealership down the road is selling, give the customer a reason to walk through your door.  Having a clean, professional looking showroom is an asset, as well as going the extra mile in making the customer feel comfortable and important while they spend time potentially buying a new vehicle.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key for any site to perform well, especially one based in sales.  Knowing a few tricks will allow you to tower over your competitors.  Here are a few:

Keywords- Know which words are going to attract search engines and have your site land in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Negative Words- Be mindful that your ads may pop up during web searches that have nothing to do with your company except for a couple shared words.  You’ll pay for this all the same, however.  When choosing keywords, keep a good balance between specificity and broadness.  In other words, do not limit your reach, but keep it inside the demographic that is interested in your product.

Webpage Optimization- Make sure that when potential customers reach your website that it runs smoothly.  Long load times cause the mind to get distracted and move on to other things, like the competitor.  Additionally, make your website easy to use and pleasing to look at.  An intuitive map with classy, non-cluttered pages is a must.


With these tactics in mind, you should be on the way to drumming up more business for your company.  This, of course, is only a short list of potential, always evolving methods, but it should come in handy in getting a leg up on the competition in dealer marketing. Check out this site: